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T or F: The clothes washer cannot be used to wash kitchen utensils of any kind.?

LOL – I’m a technical person. Most anything c-a-n be washed in it. And I’ve also washed numerous things in the washing machine already that probably shouldn’t be washed i.e. crayons, bottle caps, money and probably more than a few rocks. (I have children!) But this is a legitimate question on a test.

Many people have told me they consider dish towels and sponges to be kitchen utensils. So does this count?

Has anyone ever tried to wash a Hotel Collections bedding set from Macy’s even though it says Dry Clean?

I have front load washer and dryer, and I would be tempted to try and wash the set, but I just wondered if anyone has ever tried it. My set says Rayon, Polyester, and Linen. I hate to spend money on Dry Cleaning my bedding, and would like to clean it a little more frequently.