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Tramontina: Top of the Line Professional Cutlery Sets

Tramontina is currently one of the world’s leading manufacturers of houseware and cutlery products. Tramontina products represent a high-level of quality, craftsmanship and reasonable value to its consumers. The company continues to emerge a wide range professional cutlery sets, along with unparalleled efficiency and functionality.

Tramontina USA, Inc is a leading manufacturer of cutlery which was founded over 90 years ago by an Italian immigrant. Tramontina products offer European designs and the finest materials for everyday usage. The Tramontina professional series cutlery is considered as top of the line cutlery sets. Their knives are traditionally designed and are most preferred by chefs worldwide. Their products ensure ease, comfort and maximum performance. Tramontina cutlery blades possess satin finish and are made from high carbon chrome molybdenum steel. These stain-free blades have been hot-dropped forged. Their components are reliable and are solidly joined through the use of the so-called “micro welding technology”. It also provides maximum performance and durability, especially when used under tremendous conditions. Moreover, an advanced ice-hardening process can contribute onto the cutting edge performance and sharpening durability of cutlery products. Each piece of knife is honed to create a long lasting edge and then securing a blocked wood. Its handles are ergonomically designed and molded with nylon injects onto its tang which is around stainless steel rivets. This creates a perfect balance in handling cutting jobs. Then again, the permanent bonding system can intercept any gaps and even discourage the accumulation of bacteria. All cutlery sets are specially formulated in order to meet the hygienic requirements of food processing. Below are some of the professional knife sets. Professional Forged Cutlery o Professional Chef’s Knives • Chef’s Knife 8 in. • Chef’s Knife 6 in. • Chef’s Knife 10 in.

o Professional Paring Knives • Chef’s Paring Knife 4 in. • Paring Knife 3 in. • Peeling Knife 3 in. Professional Series- Forged Stainless Steel Cutlery Block Sets o Tramontina Professional Cutlery 4-Piece Steak Knife Set Price range: $99.95 Set includes: • (4) 5 inches Serrated Steak Knives • Solid Oak Counter Block o Tramontina Professional 5 pc. Knife Set (clear window gift box) Price range: $95-$130 Set includes: • 6 in. boning knife • 10 in. slicer • 4 in. chef’s paring knife • 8 in. carving knife • 8 in. cook’s knife

o Tramontina 5 pc. Cutlery Set with Block TRA-M-400-05 Price: $119 Set Includes: • Solid oak counter block • 6 in. utility knife • 4 in. chef’s paring • 8 in. cook’s knife • 8 in. sharpening steel

o Tramontina 7 pc. Cutlery Set TRA-M-400-07 Price: $199 Set includes: • One Solid Oak Counter Block. • One 4 in. Chef’s Paring • One 6 in. Utility Knife • One 8 in. Cook’s Knife • One 8 in. Carving Knife • One 10 in. Serrated Slicer • One 10 in. Sharpening Steel

Product Dimensions: 8.6 pounds Size: 11.125 by 4.875 by 15.75 in. Warranty: 25 years limited o Tramontina Professional Cutlery 9-Piece Block Set Price range: $209- $249 Set includes: • 4 in. Chef’s Paring Knife • 6 in. Utility Knife • 6 in. Boning Knife • 8 in. Carving Knife • 10 in. Serrated Slicer • 10 in. Sharpening Steel • 8 in. Chef’s Knife • Solid Oak Counter Block • Kitchen Shears

o Tramontina Colorado Professional 13 pc. Cutlery Set TRA-80019-06 Price: $59.95 Features: § Attractive red polywood handle § Dishwasher safe § Precise grinding technique – double edge serration § Heavy-gauge § Special mirror finish § Break proof § Resistant to food acid § Have a full taper ground

Set includes: • six 5 in. steak knives • 3 in. paring knife • 8 in. roast slicer • six 5 in. steak knives • 8 in. cook’s knife • 6 in. utility knife • 8 in. sharpening steel • 6 in. boning knife • Kitchen shears • Hardwood counter block

o Tramontina Professional 15 pc. Cutlery Set TRA-M-400-15 Price: $329.95 Set includes: • Six 5 in. Steak Knives • One 6 in. Boning Knife • One 4 in. Chef’s Paring Knife • Six 5 in. Steak Knives • One 8 in. Carving Knife • One 6 in. Utility Knife • One 8 in. Cook’s Knife • One 10 in. Serrated Slicer • One Kitchen Shears • One 10 in. Sharpening Steel • One Solid Oak Counter Block

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Collectible Kitchen Cutlery Sets

Any person sitting at home when feels hungry then just jump on kitchen to find any food items and so a person should be equipped with kitchen cookware items. Amongst it cutlery is a very important item that one should not forget or should not compromise with cutlery items. Cutlery refers to any hand implement used in preparing, serving, and especially eating food. It is known by other names too as by silverware, flatware and recently tableware has come into existence. Generally it includes knife, fork and spoon. Now various types of cutlery set are available in the market. The cutlery sets are made up of silver, stainless steel, plastic, electroplated nickel silver and few from other items.

If you want to shop for good cutlery set then always prefer to buy a brand name cutlery set which is able to serve all your purpose. Cutlery set made up of stainless steel would be a more preferable option. The most important thing in a cutlery set is knives but that does not mean whether the other things are of least significance. A knife is the basic requirement arises before cooking the food. Check out the material used in the cutlery set as the cheap quality material is sure to show its poor result in a short span of time. Each and every item of cutlery is made up of different layers. There are three different methods to create a knife is Stamping, forging and multilayer.

Shopping for best cutlery sets has an array of different kind of knives. The chef’s knife is able to do work almost of every kind. Your duty is to know the use of types of knives coming into your kitchen use.

Carving knife – This is used for slicing and carving meats and rolls.

Bread knife – This is an 8 inch knife used to cut bread.

Boning knife – This knife is mainly for de-boning meat or to cut the meat from bones.

Kitchen knife – This will fulfill almost all your task set for cutting purpose.

Utility knife – This is used for cutting the mid-sized fruits or vegetables.

In final stage will take into consideration the knife accessories in cutlery set. You need to have equipment to handle with bags and containers and even for cutting food. Taking so much pain to get the best of cutlery for your kitchen is the basic need that every individual wants to have. But then it becomes your personal duty to take enough care of your cutlery set in order to sustain it for a longer time in good condition.

Thus, cutlery plays a vital part in your kitchen. Enjoy eating your tasty and delicious food. Best cutlery set will serve the best food.

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What Type of Cutlery Sets Suits You?

Cutlery refers to hand implement used in preparing, eating and cutting food. Different types of cutlery sets are being introduced in the market for convenient outdoor and party events. Types may vary from the materials used and the personal preferences of its users.

A cutlery set is comprised of spoons, forks and knives, along with trays and dishes. It is made from different materials like gold, steel, silver, plastic and pewter. Different types of cutlery sets include the following:

• Plastic • Stainless steel • Silver • Vintage • Japanese • and professional

You can also consider the following characteristics in order to match the type you want:

• Plastic

Plastic cutlery is disposable. It is perfect for picnics, parties, buffets and other outdoor celebrations. This set includes a knife, forks and spoons which can feed 8 or more people. It can be washable but it is more often thrown away. It is also good for packed lunches on long journeys. In fact, some plastic cutleries are also part of children’s toy sets.

Expendable cutlery having a posh twist is somewhat more stylish with bright colors. This would include green, black, red, purple and clear sets. Pandora’s Deluxe Plastic Flatware is also one of the manufacturers which offer this kind of plastic cutlery.

• Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a composite of different steel alloys made with 11.5% chromium or even nickel. The higher the nickel content, the more it will not stain nor corrode. Different grades and surface finishes are introduced so as to suit the material. Stainless steel prices vary with the specifications or the steel alloy percentage.

• Silver

Silver is a precious metal used in making cutlery. Most manufacturers use silver in order to showcase a bright lunar shine, making it more valuable. The metal alloy needs to pass a state-of-the-art technology set that has the highest standards. Silver cutlery adapts to warm dishes, possessing a bacteria killing effect.

Silver cutlery can be hard-silver plated or made with real silver. Hard silver plating has high grade glossiness. It is also rust-proof, hard-wearing, dishwasher safe and possesses a high practical value. It is made from 65% copper, 12% nickel and 23% zinc. The layer of this silver is applied to this material in a galvanic bath.

WMF, one of the best silver cutlery manufacturers, had developed a technique in silver hardening. The 90 g silver provides protection from scratches.

Hence, real silver cutlery is made of pure silver which is soft and not stable. Sterling silver showcases 92.5 % hard types of pure silver.


Vintage cutlery is classic or old-fashioned but first-class types. It is made from silver or with plastic design handles. Hardwood handles with different textures are also appealing. Vintage cutlery can last a lifetime when properly maintained.


Japanese cutlery is made from high quality Japanese steel. These are forged instruments for the kitchen. It is proven to be hard and incredibly sharp. Most professionals prefer this type of cutlery, along with its exclusive designs.

Forged VG-10 super steel blades can be used in making Japanese cutlery. On each side is a clad having 16 layers of SUS410 high carbon stainless steel. This kind of steel produces a no-rust blade, as well as it can reduce the sticking of food and provide less damage onto the blade.

Most Japanese chefs use a Santoku knife. It is useful for straight cutting, slicing and for the mincing of vegetables and meat. The Deba and Nakiri knife is also an all-time favorite. It is used with a traditional Chef’s knife. These Japanese cutleries are really superior and very functional. In fact, Japan made its knives with the assurance of a lifetime warranty.


Professional cutlery sets are mostly used by food industry professionals. It often comes with a wooden block or case, having 3 or more pieces of knives along with a spoon and fork. Aside from this, it can be satin finish, gold or silver plated and hard silver within wooden handles.

Professional cutlery set include one or more of the following:

o Fish knife o Utility knife o Boning knife o Chef knife o Cleaver o Sharpener o Bread knife o Santoku knife o Carving knife o Peeling knife o Serrated slicer

Popular brands of professional cutlery sets include the following:

• Viking 6-Piece Cutlery Block Set • KitchenAid KA1SS14TB 14-pc Professional Cutlery Set – Stainless Steel • V lo Professional Cutlery Set • Henckels Cutlery Set with Santoku and Wood Block 11-Pc, etc.

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