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Some Elegant Baby Bedding Can Burn a Hole in your Pocket

Even before she was three months pregnant, my wife wanted to go and buy a baby bedding. Naturally, I wondered what the hurry was all about. What would we do with a baby bedding around the house that wouldn’t be used for at least another six months? But she was insistent that we didn’t have to wait till the very last minute and began to harp on certain aspect of my lethargic character. So I succumbed and gave in. More out of a lack of desire to retort than anything else!

Now I have never before had the occasion to see, let alone buy a baby bedding. In fact, even when I was a baby, I never had a bed of my own. I always shared a bed with my elder brother and it was only when I grew large enough to pulverize him in my sleep, that I was given a bed of my own. So you can expect my shock and surprise at knowing that not only were there all kinds of baby bedding available in the market, most of them actually cost more than the king size bed that I shared with my wife!

That was not all. I don’t know about most other people, but I couldn’t believe the range of beds that were available! There was a range of something called ‘Bassinets’. Then there were the familiar (thank God!) cradles. Then of course were the cribs. Rocking, portable, travel and all permutations and combinations. And finally, there were elegant baby bedding that could burn a hole in your pocket to make your baby feel like royalty.

It may come as a surprise to you but baby bedding are not just made of wood. They come in all sorts of materials. There are metal baby beds, wood ones, plastic disposable ones (who would dispose a baby bed!) and even beds made of medicinal and therapeutic materials. They come with wheels, coasters, rocking attachments and in one memorable instance, with a dangling toy and battery operated fan. No wonder the kids today are spoilt rotten. Imagine if they started their lives with such comfort, they would only grow up craving everything fancy. And the suckers that we parents are, we have no choice but to give in!

Anyways, after spending over four hours looking over wooden, metal, plastic and porcelain beds, my wife settled on a hardwood ‘Caspian’ baby bedding. It came with wheels (lockable) three position mattress support, and a one hand one knee release dropsied in case you came to the bed, doddering with a baby nestled in your arms and had only singular limbs to manipulate the bed!

As I lugged the extremely heavy bed to the parking lot, I thought about how I had spent the best part of my infancy rollicking around on the cold, hard floor or in the warm embrace of my mother. And I turned out well after all. But hey! Just because I didn’t get to enjoy the luxury of a baby bedding is no reason for me to deprive my unborn child! My baby will sleep in his/her own baby bedding.

Muna wa Wanjiru is a web administrator and has been researching and reporting on Internet Marketing for years. For more information on Baby Bedding, visit his site at Baby Bedding