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Lily Collection- Bumper

  • Includes: Dust Ruffle
  • Features: Polyester Fill
  • Material: Cotton
  • Care and Cleaning: Machine Wash

Product DescriptionAdd a pink and white touch to her crib and a nursery with the Lily damask-print bumper pad from Bananafish. Made of cotton with a polyester fill, this bumper can be machine washed. Other coordinating Bananafish Lili collection pieces are also available.

Lily Collection- Bumper

Go Organic With Serena and Lily Bedding Collection

In these modern days, everything has an alternative. And your baby’s stuff is no exemption to this. There are now crib sheets as well as blankets that use organic cotton that serve as exceptional alternative to the traditional bedding for your baby. These organic cottons are eco-friendly materials. Serena and Lily is one of the leading manufacturers of these eco-friendly products for your baby.

Why Choose Organic Bedding

The organic twist has caught more and more people all over the world by surprise. Many are using organic products and the manufacturers, like Serena and Lily, have been gladly meeting the demands of consumers. The safety of your babies is the main focus of these organic companies. Most of the time, these babies are more sensitive and prone to skin allergies and irritation to other chemicals compared to grown-ups. Organic bedding is considered to be a good option for mothers. Serena and Lily baby bedding is one example of organic beddings.

Essentials in Organic Bedding

Organic bedding generally includes a bed, a crib, a bassinet, a blanket, and a pillow. The organic bedding is made out of natural cotton that is colored or rarely dyed with toxic chemicals and dyestuff. Also, the wood and wicker used in the beds, bassinets, and cribs are certainly chemical-free. Serena and Lily offers a complete set of beddings from its Serena and Lily baby bedding collection.

Organic Process Defined

The word organic means that the material being used in creating the product is based from organic botanicals. The processes of growing, reaping, and converting raw materials have undergone strict abidance on the ordinances being imposed by the government on organic bedding as well as other products. Serena and Lily is complying with the strict standards in order to continue producing its collection of Serena and Lily crib bedding.

Patronizing Organic

When you buy organic bedding for your baby, you are extending your help to support the whole concept of producing organic products. To patronize organic products would mean that you are in favor in the campaign of reducing irritants and contaminants that result from growing products the inorganic way. In the near future, producers like Serena and Lily will be happy to make and sell more organic products such as Serena and Lily baby bedding and Serena and Lily crib bedding.

Child Safety

For most parents, it is important to ensure the safety of their babies. They fail to realize that sometimes safety features built into other baby bedding sets can actually impose negative effects on babies. An example of this is that when a baby bedding has been pre-treated with fire retardants. Studies made by experts showed that traditional baby bedding sets like crib mattresses made of polyurethane foam might have negative effects on your babies. Serena and Lily ensures that your child is safe with its baby products, hence, their products free you from these worries.

Serena and Lily products and collections of baby beddings can be checked online through Pure and Honest Kids. You can find Serena and Lily baby bedding collection in their best forms. Pure and Honest Kids is your ultimate guide to buying Serena and Lily crib bedding.

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Serena and Lily: Makers of High-End Crib and Bedding Collections For Travel

Serena and Lily: Makers of High-end Crib and Bedding Collections for Travel

Your baby is the most precious member in the family. And as parents, you want nothing less but to give him the best things in life. As early as infanthood, you want to provide the things that will make your little prince or princess feel comfortable in his or her little room. Serena and Lily is one with you in giving the finest baby beddings for you baby.

Crib bedding as well as accessories being produced by more designers, such as Serena and Lily, are crafted based on high-quality standards. Choosing Serena and Lily crib bedding will surely give value for your money.


Color is very essential to your baby’s visionary stimulation. That is why it is important to be choosy on the color of the materials being used in the baby beddings. Earth and pastel colors are still the best for baby beddings, such as olive green, lavender, and baby pink and blue. Not only do these colors stimulate the vision of your baby, but also soothe the eyes of your baby, making the crib more suitable for your baby to sleep for very long hours.


Examples of the fabric that give an elegant look are satin and 100% cotton. The premium fabrics together with the quality of workmanship enhance the beauty of designer crib bedding, such as the ones displayed by Serena and Lily crib bedding collection. This is done to create a classic look and elegant finish of the nursery room. Moreover, the use of premium crib beddings is certified to be useful in the many years to come.


The chosen color and fabric should not compromise the theme that you want to make for your baby’s room. If you want to establish a gender-conscious environment, you will have no problem looking for baby beddings because there are many sets available for baby girls as well as boys. One of these is from Serena and Lily. There are also neutral themes that are fit if you have twins-a boy and a girl. There are various themes that you can create out of Serena and Lily crib bedding collection.

Educate Yourself

For first-time parents, it is advisable to go online and educate yourself with the latest trends and styles in crib beddings. It is good to look for more ideas and samples of themes. No matter how good your concept of the theme is, a good combination of colors and materials is needed in order to come up with the best theme. You can check Serena and Lily online and see their various designs, and you can purchase online. Serena and Lily crib bedding collection is one of the credible collections that you can buy for your baby.

High-quality crib bedding materials may mean spending more. However, when it is for your baby, nothing is costly as long as you are giving comfort to your little one, the kind that he deserves. After all, the high-end beddings can be useful for your future babies so long as you follow instructions for proper care.

To search for Serena and Lily products, Pure and Honest Kids is the best site to visit. You can learn more ideas about themes with Serena and Lily baby bedding and crib bedding collections.

Serena and Lily: Makers of High-end Crib and Bedding Collections for Travel – an article provided by In addition to Organic Baby Clothes, we offer Serena and Lily Baby Bedding.