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where can I find beautiful crystal tableware?

Can anyone out there tell me why I cannot find Friendly Village Tableware made in England in the US.?

I can only find Tableware made in China. Not the same to me. I need the real thing. Made in England will only make me happy.


Where can I find a distributor directory for kitchen gadgets, kitchen accessories & kitchen supplies?

I need to know what the best websites are that has an entire list of the distributors in California & there are wayyy too many on the search engines. I need help breaking the results down. They need to be the best in the distribution industry & they to be in San Diego County, Orange County or L.A. County. San Diego Co. is my 1st. choice then Orange.

I also need to know how I can find out what major retail chain stores they distribute to. Names of the company are welcome.

By any chance…are there any books that lists all distributors in the U.S.? Do they list them by category?

If anyone can assist me in this, I would greatly appreciate it. You can also email &/or I.M. me as well.

I thank you in advance, Tranquility