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Fisher-Price Precious Planet Melodies and Motion Soother

  • Circular soother calms and entertains your baby
  • Classical tunes, sweet lullabies and soothing nature sounds play for 18 minutes
  • Peek-a-boo animal friends keep your baby company
  • Attaches directly to any crib

Product Description
Adorable animals from around the globe join together to wish baby sweet dreams, with the help of peaceful music, soothing light effects and gentle motion. Polar bears play hide and seek, a lion pops up to take a peek, and the dolphin and fish ride the waves.
Set it to play for up to 18 minutes of classical music, lullabies and nature sounds, or let baby activate the soothing!
Includes 4 C Product Description
Designed for use from birth on up, the Fisher-Price Precious Planet Music & Motion Soother helps calm, soothe, and entertain a cranky, tired, or restless baby. Made to quickly and easily attach to a crib, this circular soother instantly charms with its adorable animal illustrations and three musical selections. It also comes complete with sturdy PVC straps and four “C” batteries.

Sweet lullabies, gentle nature sounds and peek-a-boo animal friends keep baby company.

Sitting babies can start it on their own!

Three Music Choices to Calm, Soothe, and Entertain
Whether your child is ready for quiet time or playtime, the Music and Motion Soother allows you to customize each occasion, so your baby can either relax and prepare for sleep or enjoy an entertaining experience with music, lights, and movement. Music and sounds help your baby wind down, while peek-a-boo animal friends keep her company. With three music selection buttons, the Music and Motion Soother plays classical tunes, sweet lullabies, and calming nature sounds for a total of 18 minutes–just enough time for your baby to have fun or drift into dreamland. Choose the best combination of tunes to match your child’s mood and keep her content in her crib.

Easy-to-Operate Soother Gives Parents a Break
This soothing toy lets you clean, rest, or have a quiet moment to yourself while your baby is safe and happy in his crib. And it’s easy to operate, with two switches on the side: one that controls volume (off/low/medium/high), and a mode-selection switch that allows you to choose between music only or music, lights, and action.

Fun, Colorful Design Keeps Your Baby Entertained
An adorable addition to any nursery decor, this soother has a charming and colorful animal design that will engage your child’s interest. A dolphin swims on a large wave that has a spiraling blue light to help stimulate your child’s vision, while a lion and polar bear playing peek-a-boo will engage your baby’s curiosity and help him experience the joys of surprise and discovery. There’s also a bright yellow sun that gives a rich golden glow that’s sure to spark your baby’s interest.

As the playful animals from around the globe join together to wish your baby sweet dreams, the peaceful music, soothing light effects, and gentle motion lull your baby into sleepy contentment.

Lightweight Design Attaches Securely to Your Crib
Lightweight and compact, the Music and Motion Soother measures 10.2 x 3.5 x 10.2 inches (WxHxD), weighs three pounds, and attaches easily and securely to cribs with the included PVC straps.

About Fisher-Price: Over 75 Years of Delighting Children with Fun, Safe Toys
A subsidiary of Mattel, Inc., Fisher-Price manufactures a range of fun, educational, and developmentally appropriate toys for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. Founded in 1930 by Herman Fisher, Irving Price, Margaret Evans Price, and Helen Schelle, Fisher-Price has created approximately 5,000 different toys. Now headquartered in East Aurora New York, Fisher-Price’s guiding principles haven’t changed. The company still focuses on each toy’s intrinsic play value, innovation, and safe and sturdy construction. Some of Fisher-Price’s top-selling lines include the Little People toys, Power Wheels, and the Chatter Telephone, as well as an assortment of Disney, Sesame Street, and Barney toys marketed under the company name. Fisher-Price also designs and sells infant care products and electronic toys for preschoolers.

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Melodies and Motion Soother

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