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Rust on kitchen utensils?

I live in an apartment. None of our silverware, or tools are super-expensive, but neither is it really really cheap. And lots of them are developing rust. We wash our dishes in the dishwasher, and use a good soap. What could be causing the rust? Does that usually happen to tools in the dishwasher? Could it be the water? Even our really good knives are starting to rust, and we’ve only had them a year. Any help would be awesome, thanks.

2 Responses to “Rust on kitchen utensils?”

  • Freedom:

    throw them away.

    go to a local discount store & replace them if money is tight

  • Helixed:

    Your dishes/utensils aren’t drying right away. The fact that they are wet for a long period of time causes rust to form. You may have to adjust your dishwasher to dry your dishes for you or you can dry them by hand with a towel. Another thing to try is taking them out of the dishwasher right after they’re done and let them air dry in an open area.

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