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GadgetTree Kitchen Utensil Holder

  • Organizes Up To 15 Long Handled Utensils
  • Convenient 4 Inch Deep Canister Holds A Variety Of Smaller Items
  • Easy Glide Carousel Allows For Quick And Easy Placement And Retrieval Of Utensils
  • All Utensils Are Allowed To Completely Air Dry Providing A More Sanitary Environment
  • Attractive Design Goes With Any Decor

Product Description
GadgetTree stands a little over 14 inches high, is less than 9 inches in diameter, and assembles in two easy steps. And, did you know that most kitchen utensils are manufactured with a hole in the handle? GadgetTree utilizes that feature by providing hooks for easy placement and retieval. Plus there are open rings which will allow your wooden utensils to thoroughly air dry.

So, get your kitchen utensils organized with the GadgetTree, where they are… Just A Spin Away!

GadgetTree Kitchen Utensil Holder

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