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I’m 45 years old and my mom still treats me like a baby! What should I do?

I’m 45 years old and still live with my mom! My mom still treats me like i’m 12 again. I’m trying to go out and hang with my friends at the mall, but she still tells me to come home before dark. My mom still gives me money when I should work for it. But she says that I’m still too young to be working. Plus i’m married and have 50 kids. And I can’t even fart in my bed alone.
What should I do?

9 Responses to “I’m 45 years old and my mom still treats me like a baby! What should I do?”

  • Abs:

    Stop behaving like a child on here. That would be a start.

  • Davidson:


  • Terry:

    Move out of her basement.

  • Wendy:

    I think really you should be getting washed and dressed it’s time you were at school chick

  • Nonuna:

    Wow, 50 kids, you must be married to more than one woman, there is no way one woman can push babies out that quickly.

  • Ford_Craney:

    Grow up and move out on your own and stop acting like a 12 yr old and she will stop treating you like one.Maybe you should have married a man who didn’t need to live with your mommy.

  • Ruth:

    hahahahahahaa this is obviously a joke

  • Closer27:

    Because you act 12. Grow up, dude!

  • Ghislaine:

    OMG you FOOL

    You are supposed to be an adult, but yet you live with your mommy.
    I think, if a man that’s 45(!) years old still lives with his mom(!!) he has no right to complain.
    Are you kidding me?
    Are you a troll?
    50 kids?

    I’m not quite sure whether I believe this or not, but if it’s true I’d say move the fuck out.
    You can’t just demand respect.
    You haev to be worthy of the respect, don’t you?

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