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Philippians kitchen utensils/appliances?

I want to give a gift to a lady who is from the Philippians that was something for the kitchen that would remind her of home. Only problem is I have never been there so I have no clue what they have out there. I was thinking a rice cooker appliance or bamboo bowl and serving utensils. Please help with gift ideas?

2 Responses to “Philippians kitchen utensils/appliances?”

  • Lucky girl:

    Rice cooker or dispenser would probaly be best. They use bamboo bowls in the Philippines just about as often as people who live in America do.

  • iamsocratesofnew:

    hmmm. In the Philippines I remember using spatulas and huge Wok style cookers. A rice cooker may not remind her of home, but it would certainely be a nice gesture. I would ask her about rice first though, some filipinos/as are very particular about how rice is cooked and don’t like it unless it is cooked in a pan.

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