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What is the one kitchen gadget you couldn’t live without?

7 Responses to “What is the one kitchen gadget you couldn’t live without?”

  • Kiel:

    Bottle/Can opener.
    1. I only drink Micro-Brews so no twist off bottle caps.

    2. Try opening a can of anything easily without one.

  • regkinsordie:

    A good, sharp knife.

    I hate cooking at a friends’ house where they don’t have a good knife.

    As far as gadgets: I LOVE my cuisinart food processor and my Kitchenaid 610 mixer.

  • p3r1d0tx:

    Can opener.

  • M M T:

    Oh! That’s a tough question! I totally agree about the knives; there is nothing worse than cooking somewhere else and not having your nice sharp knives and the right knife for the right use!

    I’d be lost without my Kitchenaid mixer too! I use that nearly every day in some form or another!

    But then I invested in some good stainless cookware and I would be totally lost without that too!

  • Michael T:

    For me it’s the bottle opener. My wife says the garlic press.

  • Sami:

    Salt shaker

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