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Baby is a bed hog?

Baby is 17 months old. Has decided he cant sleep without Mommy and Daddy. He goes to sleep fine. We put him in his bed and then within an hour, he wakes up, finds us and falls into a long sleep if we’re with him. I dont mind him sleeping with us but he flops around like a fish, kicking us in the face, etc,. What to do?

4 Responses to “Baby is a bed hog?”

  • max333:

    Stop letting him sleep with you. Put him in a cot.

  • johnny cee:

    Time for his own bed.
    I Corinthians 13;8a, Love never fails!!!!!

  • nursesr4evr:

    Yep, get him his own bed. If he gets back into yours, keep putting him in his. This may go on for quite a while. If he cries, check on him, but don’t pick him up. Just tell him you’re still home then leave the room. Good luck and I reccommend a good set of earplugs.

  • Nash Rambler:

    Give the little brat up for adoption.

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