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What is the oddest kitchen gadget you’ve ever seen?

A picture would sure be helpful.

2 Responses to “What is the oddest kitchen gadget you’ve ever seen?”

  • Paul in San Diego:

    A friend of mine has a thing that looks like a combination ice cream scoop and melon baller that’s used for making balls of butter. These then go into this little silver server that looks like a miniature champagne cooler with the round lid that you partially fill with crushed ice to keep the butter cool. I guess what was so odd about it is that I never saw a butter scooper before, nor had I ever seen a butter server like that.

  • Hondu:

    How about a butter tray shaped like a slice of bread, or a pizza cutter that is shaped like a miniature circular saw, or an ice cube tray that makes Titanic shaped ice cubes?

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