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T or F: The clothes washer cannot be used to wash kitchen utensils of any kind.?

LOL – I’m a technical person. Most anything c-a-n be washed in it. And I’ve also washed numerous things in the washing machine already that probably shouldn’t be washed i.e. crayons, bottle caps, money and probably more than a few rocks. (I have children!) But this is a legitimate question on a test.

Many people have told me they consider dish towels and sponges to be kitchen utensils. So does this count?

6 Responses to “T or F: The clothes washer cannot be used to wash kitchen utensils of any kind.?”

  • flubbety:

    false, but it won’t do a good job.

  • Jessica:

    what do you think?


  • Kate:

    Please tell me you are not serious!

  • Caitlin:

    what are you stupid blonde
    but sersily dont

  • Karen L:

    You mean putting pots, pans, egg-turners and spoons in the clothes washer? What on earth sort of test asks this kind of dumb question? I suppose you could put them in a clothes washer if you didn’t care about wrecking the untensils or the washer or both. It’s a free country and it’s your washer. I’m waiting for someone to say they’ve tried it.

  • Mya H:

    Yes,it can…
    The liner under your dish drainer,the plastic potscrubber,rubber jar-lid remover gripper thingy,
    cheesecloth used in canning and preserving,potato chip clips,pot holders,refrigerator magnets,etc…to name a few !
    Just put the smaller items in a mesh bag with a couple of dish cloths,load the machine with other dish towels,etc.,lots of detergent and bleach…
    The dish cloths in the bag do the scrubbing as the machine agitates,the bleach disinfects,the detergent gets the grease film…
    But DON’T try to dry them in the dryer !!!

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