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How do I tell my mother that I had s3x with her bf and i’m pregnant and he might be the father?

It was a big mistake, I cry all night and day long. I’ve tried to tell her every day. I’m just not brave enough. I feel bad, dirty, everything bad. Also my boyfriend doesn’t know he might not be the father. He’s been buying everything for the new baby. Clothes,Bed,carriage. He’s a darling.

26 Responses to “How do I tell my mother that I had s3x with her bf and i’m pregnant and he might be the father?”

  • Purple_mims:

    Tell everyone your bf is the father . I know it’ll be lying but atleast it’ll prevent a chaos . Especially your bf .. He’ll be crushed . x

  • gabbyleahh:

    okay does your mom know that your preggo? if she does know then just tell her that you did it with her bf..just dont live with the regret forever.

    first thing you need to do is make sure your mom knows your preggo even if she doesnt know with who

  • Dimadimadima:

    Lol lemme have some to its not liek it can get any worse, triplites! XD

  • Khoulle:

    Firstly, that was the most idiotic thing you could have ever done, having sex with your Mother’s boyfriend, especially when you have a boyfriend of your own. What was wrong with your boyfriend? Not good enough?

    And secondly, get a paternity test. If your boyfriend is the father, then come back here with the question; “I had sex with my Mother’s boyfriend, what should I do? Also, I already have a boyfriend of my own.”

    Or, you can just not do anything, and feel like shit your entire life. It’s your choice… I think you should base your choices on what is best for the baby, he/she has a right to know who their real father is.

    Excuse my language and rudeness.

  • Crazy 4 TAI:

    This is like a movie.

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