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Why is my boyfriend such a baby?

My boyfriend is being so childish. He doesn’t want to go out with me and just sits at home sooking all day. I’ve sternly told him to snap out of it and to grow a pair. He goes to bed late and sleeps in. The other day we had a huge fight because I wanted to go shoe shopping and he said “he didn’t feel like it” because he just got home from his mother’s funeral. What can I do to get him to do things for me?

7 Responses to “Why is my boyfriend such a baby?”

  • Lettuce:

    Probably because his mom just died. Give him some fuking time. Stop being selfish.

  • barbie:

    he just got home from his mothers funeral! wat do you expect him to do? how could you expect him to go shoe shopping after his mother just died that’s disgusting!

  • DancingVani:

    HIS MOM JUST DIED!!! geezz lay off.

  • ohmahgahhmorgan!:


  • Kirsten K:

    um your being a bitch!!! you should listen to him! he has a problem going on! and you wanting to go shoe shopping when he just got back for his mothers funeral is just fucking wrong! you dont care about him if your so self absorbed. damn girl maybe he should have said “get some brains”

  • Jessica:

    Geeze, his mother’s funeral? Go easy on the guy lol

    Anddd OH MY GOD. my ex was JUSt like this. he refused to do ANYTHING and would simply, not GROW up. i ended up leaving him. if they don’t wanna grow up, you can’t make them.

    you can’t make him do anything for you, he’s got to be willing… and from the looks of it, it doesn’t look like it. have a serious talk with him. see if he’ll do anything to change it, if he doesn’t. leave him. that’s exactly what i did. don’t waste your time.

  • Anton:

    “Just got home from his mother’s funeral”.

    If his mother just passed away then he’s hurting real bad and you’re just making it worse by fighting with him at a time like this.

    Give him time to relax and try to be really kind and friendly with him, be a good friend / girl friend to him and he’ll go out with you.

    He wants to stay at home all day simply because he’s depressed.

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