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My husband is jealous of his baby son?

I’ve noticed this, when my husband came home from work yesterday he sat on the sofa and just watched me play with the baby for about 10 minutes before he said “do you even care about how my dad went” then later that night in bed I cuddled him and he said “do you still love me, am I still important to you”

Whats with this, he is acting like he is 12 and not 22!

13 Responses to “My husband is jealous of his baby son?”

  • Tani:

    It’s natural. He is still very young, and men tend to mature later than women. It is also natural for a new mother to be all wrapped up in the baby, but try to give your husband some extra attention to make up for that left-out feeling. You have gotten a hint how to do it: Be sure to ask about his day when he comes home and, as much as possible, have a nice meal waiting for him, if that works out time-wise. There will be many times when you just have to put the baby’s needs first, but apart from those times, try to make your husband feel how important he is to you. As he gets older, he will come to feel proud of his baby and not feel this jealousy any more. Right now, he needs a little extra understanding on your part. It would be nice if he didn’t, but, as I said, 22 is pretty young–young to be a daddy and certainly not the age when a man has attained emotional maturity, except in rare cases. He deserves credit for actually getting married instead of playing around. Sounds like he has some basic good character qualities.

  • Oscar:

    You,have less time for him now,so he needs you to acknowledge him,but don’t neglect the child,he’ll get better as time goes on, it’s part of fatherhood,but there will be times when he,feels he needs more’s part of the process.

  • priv828:

    While I don’t think feeling jealous of your child could be healthy,he is obviously feeling a little neglected by you.

    Having children can be very time consuming but you need to ALWAYS make a conscious effort to maintain the spark/bond in your relationship and make sure his emotional and physical needs are being met.

    It appears you are focusing so much effort on being a wonderful mother and taking care of household duties that he is feeling like there isn’t much time left for him.

    Instead of thinking of him acting like a child( even though it seems that way), take note early on, now you know, you can fix it with a little effort so the cracks in your marriage don’t start forming.

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