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Does it makes your sexual drive low, if your wife talks like a baby in bed to be seem you more sweet?

I am a newly married man ( For just 1,5 years )
There is 10 years differences between my age and my wife’s age.
She is 22 Years old yet.
We love eachother.
She still looks like an innocent child, also likes to behave like a child.
She mostly does fake to talking like a baby as a joke
(Specially in bed, during making love)
Seems really sweet but its not sexually attractive for me.
So my sexual drive is very low for her.
Maybe there is some other reason but I specially want to ask that;
Can it be reason for low sexual drive?
Because I like mature women, and I find them more..
Once I told her about it evry kindly but her heart get broken :(

Are there anyone who is in same situation, or have heard around about it? What can I do to solve that problem?

4 Responses to “Does it makes your sexual drive low, if your wife talks like a baby in bed to be seem you more sweet?”

  • Jesse:

    I actually did have a similar problem. You should make it clear that when she acts like a child during sex, it makes you feel like you’re having sex with a child, and that it’s not a comfortable feeling for you.

  • Jenny J:

    go with answer one.. not something that would excite me either.

  • Dan:

    You need to talk to your wife about this, but not while in bed. Talk to her at dinner. Just be honest and tell her how you feel when she uses baby talk. If she keeps it up, spank her, lovingly, and see if that helps.


  • Maha-Oe':

    She is just in that whole fantasy role of you being the father figure and ahe wants you to “teach” her everything. I am sure she likes to be spanked too. I can see how that would be a turn off though. Maybe once in a whileyou can tickle her fancy by role playing but let her know that you dont really like the goo goo gah gah especiealy when you want to love a woman who will respond to your passion with the sighs of a lust filled adult.

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