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What is the most useless kitchen gadget you have ever owned?

9 Responses to “What is the most useless kitchen gadget you have ever owned?”

  • wendyloo:

    electric can opener

  • sox4life103:

    can opener

  • Kris:

    I’m always annoyed by spoon rests. I can understand that when you’re mixing something on the stove and you want to put the spoon down for future use, you don’t want to get drips on the stove or counter. But why is it necessary to have a special item for that? Why can’t you just get out a little plate or something to rest the spoon on instead? I’m sorry, but I don’t have storage room for unnecessary things like that!

  • Peter K:

    Apple corer and slice. It was ok on tasteless French apples but when it hit a crunchy English Cox Orange Pippin it fell apart.

  • tgypoi:

    I have a whole draw of things that supposedly make it easier to open jars. None of them work. (Except the one that destroys the lid in the process, I still use that in extreme circumstnaces.)

  • Bizi:

    parmesan cheese grator

  • hunter2:

    orange peeler


    tiny mellon baller

  • up y:

    Electric can opener. Food chopper.

  • Wendy H:

    I bought this several years ago called the “Rocket Chef”. It had a handle you crank and was supposed to grate, chop, slice, dice, supposedly even mix ice cream. That was the hardest thing to use- you had to crank till your arm practically fell off- I could have chopped, grated, sliced and diced by myself with alot less work and forget about making ice cream. Do you know how fast you would have had to crank that thing?

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