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Kitchen Utensils: cleanup of slotted turner, pancake turner?

I hate cleaning my pastic turners. Food also sticks on the end and I end up having to use my fingernail to get the food off and then the black plastic comes off with the food.

Any recommendations of what kind of turner I need to buy to stop this? Also I have those teflon pans so can’t use metal.

2 Responses to “Kitchen Utensils: cleanup of slotted turner, pancake turner?”

  • Lover of Jehovah:

    I have seen pastic turners that are not slotted, but they are hard to find, (well for me they are) ask around and see if anyone you know has one or knows where to find one.

  • littlemomma711:

    Get a brush scrubber (found in where the sponges are). I usually press the turner down (on the surface of the sink) and scrub it with the brush really hard, then I flip it over and do the same thing on that side. It always works really well, because the bristles from the brush get inside the slots

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