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How do I avoid leaving my new baby with mother in law without offending her?

I really dont want to leave my baby with my MIL. She has 1 other grandchild, Ben (from her daughter) who is 2 and who she looks after very regularly. She looks after him while her daughter is at work and even some weekends, he oftens stays for 2 nights at a time if my sis in law is working late.

I just dont trust her very much. She has a wonderful heart but she is an extremely lazy person and is addicted to the TV. Ive seen Ben running around freely while grandma cant keep her eyes off the TV.
In fact, a couple of weeks ago, Ben was jumping on a bed and fell off and broke his shoulder! And where was grandma? Even my furious sis in law knows she was probably watching TV at the time!

Im not planning on going back to work for a while – if at all, so there really will be no need for my baby to be over there. But she is so used to having Ben all the time, she is presuming that she will have my litte one nearly as much – she has even put a crib in her house in preparation!

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