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What’s your favorite kitchen gadget?

There are so many in all the kitchen shops!

6 Responses to “What’s your favorite kitchen gadget?”

  • faeriesandsprites:

    BREAD SLICERS!!!!!!!

  • Caesar's wife:

    At the moment, my slow-cooker. I’ve been in Plaster for six weeks and my family are bored with helping me. So I throw some meat in, add some frozen veg and a jar of sauce or a can of condensed soup, etc.
    A hot dinner, with little hassle. And no more moans from the family because they have to make supper.

  • reynwater:

    10″ Chef’s knife

    Food processor

  • Irisha:

    My slow cooker!!! I love that thing…

  • Ms.Cutiepie:

    I don’t get to cook a lot but always wanted to bake.I was passing a Crate and Barrel Store a few months ago and saw this beautiful KitchenAid Pink Stand Mixer. Once I’ll get a kitchen of my own this will be my first gadget. Not only it’s a great thing to have a round but also $50 from the purchase of this mixer will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.
    Val :o)

  • Christina:

    My oven by far ……….love love to bake

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