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Ginsu 7107 5-Piece Round Bamboo Knife Set with Block

  • Unique double edge blade for precision cutting
  • Serrated knives never need sharpening for strength and durability
  • Commercial quality
  • Convenient bamboo storage block keeps your knives organized, safe and ready to use
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Product Description
The word chikara means energy and power. These knives, forged of Japanese stainless steel express the true meaning of chikara when used in the kitchen. These chikara series knives are specialized for their dexterity in chopping, slicing, and dicing a wide array of foods. Experience chikara in the balance, precision, and durability of this exquisite cutlery series.

Ginsu 7107 5-Piece Round Bamboo Knife Set with Block

4 Responses to “Ginsu 7107 5-Piece Round Bamboo Knife Set with Block”

  • Jade:

    When I saw this on Amazon I smiled becasue it was such a nice looking set, high grade, and the size was perfect. The price wasn’t to bad either. So I said to myself, self you have to purchase this; when i received it I smiled yet again becasue I was so pleased, it was exactly as shown at Amazon.

    By the bye this set looks so so good in my kitchen!!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • All our knives were dull so I purchased these just for special purposes. They are great; however, I have cut myself a few times since I am not used to knives this sharp. Love them!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • Very very sharp knives, very stylish design in my modern kitchen, the bamboo matches our flooring
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • I came across these knives as I was hunting for another brand, so it was not like I was hunting for Ginsu on purpose. At first, I didn’t even take it seriously. The memory of their silly infomercials has been burned in my brain for years, I considered this brand a cultural joke of sorts. After reading other reviews on this particular line, I actually started to really think about it.

    Okay, what the heck, I picked this up on a warehouse deal. If it is really terrible, I can send it back. They just came in, and I cannot believe it. What really nice knives!! They have a pretty decent heft to them, too. They weren’t super-super sharp right out of the box, but one of them was—OUCH! Shoulda been more careful. But they were sharp enough.

    The set consists of a 3.5-inch paring knife, a 5-inch utility knife, a 5-inch Santoku, and a 6-inch chef’s knife. Nothing is serrated.

    The knife block is solid and sturdy. It has the Ginsu name printed on one side only, so you can turn it to the wall if you don’t want no one to see that.

    I still ordered the Global that I was after originally, but these will make a very useful addition. I almost didn’t buy them ’cause I couldn’t get past the Ginsu thing. Now, however, I think I’m going back for a set of steak knives. Truly, these are not cheesy knives.

    So, if these things do not hold up, I will be back to revise this. Right now, I’m at the “very impressed” stage and I feel optimistic.

    I wonder if these things actually will cut through a soda can? Not that I’m going to try it, just wondering . . .

    Rating: 5 / 5

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