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How do I get the rust stains from my ´stainless´ steel cutlery?

My stainless steel cutlery has rust stains on it. How do I remove these stains, and how do I protect it from rust?

5 Responses to “How do I get the rust stains from my ´stainless´ steel cutlery?”

  • Age of Reason:

    Scour with brillo or SOS. Then in the future wash and dry immediately.

  • William B:

    Rust on Stainless Steel? stainless should never rust,
    check the water for iron content, is it leaving rust stains in the tub also? & sink
    add Iron out to the water softener, use C.L.R. to clean them up,
    and run it Thur the dish washer,

  • callipygenous:

    Do what William B said, but you have low grade SS. The chromium content isn’t high enough for whatever you are using it for. Here, read all about it:

  • Peter W:

    Are these stains on the flatware after it comes out of the dishwasher? And do you also have any silver-plated flatware? If so, you cannot allow stainless to touch silver in a dishwasher. Silver is a ‘noble’ metal and will set up sacrificial electrolysis with the iron content in the stainless. Rust is the result. And it is amazing how fast this happens.

    And if you are writing of your cutting knives, they should _never_ go into the dishwasher. Mostly that is a mild stainless that is better described as “rust free” vs. true stainless as it must be soft enough to hold an edge and also be honed. About any mildly acidic food will cause stains if it is allowed to sit on the knife for any period of time. Or even exposure to vinegar, highly alkaline (ammonia-based) detergents can cause a reaction. The softest stainless will even pit from exposure to acids. This sort makes great knives for holding an edge, but they tend to wear quickly and they must be cared for properly.

  • lookat:

    Just take a look at this:

    It gets to the heart of the situation.

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