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my baby sister is abused): i think…..?

sooo my sister lives with her dad, since she was like 2. Hes not her biological dad but hes takes her in as his own (moms ex who at first thought he was the father) soo hes kinda cool but his wife is a bit*h!!! He actually is too. My sister didnt want to go to sleep and so the bit*hs name is kathy , she was like pinching my sisters cheeks.. then my sister started crying and woke up kathys little baby… so jose (my sisters not bio father) and kathy take miah downstairs and start spanking her… like 5 times REALLY hard like I can hear it from upstairs in my room. Then one time my sister broke nyas (kathy and joses baby) bed and kathy pulled my sisters hear so hard tell she was screaming and then grounded her for 6 hours and all she could do was sit in her room. nothing else. She then took nya and my sister to wendys and got everyone something but my sister and made her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich… and the bed was fixed in like less then 5 minutes when jose got home!!! oh yeah, my sister was only 3! i just think the neglect and abuse her.. what do you?

ps.. they do more stuff too and they both arent even family or nothing!!!

3 Responses to “my baby sister is abused): i think…..?”

  • LadyMary:

    Report it to social care. If things are really like you said, then it’s urgent to take your sister out of that house really soon. I’m not aware of the laws in your country but I’m sure the police or social services will help you. Good luck with that :3

  • crashley:

    your mother needs to be the primary caregiver unless jose has adopted her.

    and YES this is abuse although mild at this point corporal punishment is illegal in some states
    that’shats what spanking is
    check corporal punishment law in your state then report incidents to the police
    you can keep the report anonymous
    so no one knows you reported it

  • C & A L.o.p.e.z:

    you need to call social services and do not back down til they remove that poor child from the house that is just bullshit!! where is the mother of that baby?????

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