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How do you make old cutlery look as good as new?

What is the best product to made stainless steel cutlery sparkle and look good as new?

9 Responses to “How do you make old cutlery look as good as new?”

  • cute.yusra:

    vaniger dip them in veniger

  • sweetie_candykim:

    My dad used a buffer machine with a soft head and spent a while shining them up, and it got rid of all the scratches and they looked new.

    Use one of these with a soft head on it

  • Jenna M:

    first sharpen them with a blade-sharpener (carfully) then put silverwear polish on them, but i dont know any specific brands haha

  • be angel:

    give away things to carity, or if you don’t want to –place the items in some fancy baskets. It will look arrange and intelligent for your part.

  • ediblues:

    Stainless steel cleaner at Home Depot or get this round clothlike buffer that attaches to a hand drill. It will shine it. Big Lots has it too.

  • Susan:

    Don’t know about cutlery but Punch Stainless Steel Cleaner does a great job of my steel sink and drainer, kettle etc. It really does make it shine for a while at least as I am a bit grubby as I am always washing dirty things in the kitchen. I Think you would want to wash knives and forks before eating with them though. I see on the bottle that this stuff is made in Ireland so don’t know if it would be available where you are.

  • sonnyboy:

    If you take a simple SOS pad it works wonders.
    Put the cutlery in warm soapy water and use the SOS pad to polish them.

  • Lawnboy & Luna:

    Sweetie is on the right track. A cloth buffing wheel can be put on a bench grinder, or even a hand drill, but I’d go with the bench grinder if you can. You want both hands available to hold the knife when doing this. Holding a knife in one hand, and a hand drill in the other sounds bound for disaster.

    You will also need abrasive “sticks”, medium and fine. You turn on the buffer, rub these sticks on the cotton, and the abrasive gets on the cotton. Then start your polishing. Cotton buffers alone will clean your knives, but not polish them, which is what you are trying to do. Deep sharpening scratches take forever to take out, be forewarned.

    Be careful to never run the sharp edge of the knives into the buffing wheel!

  • Vicki:

    Soak in warm water, then use olive oil, vinegar or club soda to clean.

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