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Black & Decker FC150BR InfraWave Speed-Cooking Countertop Oven, Black

  • Countertop oven uses infrared-light technology for fast, even cooking
  • Cooks up to 50-percent faster than a conventional oven; no pre-heating necessary
  • Spacious interior; 52 pre-programmed functions for 1-touch ease of use
  • Includes broil rack, bake pan, removable crumb tray, and user manual
  • Measures approximately 14 by 13-3/4 by 10 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Product Description
You can prepare appetizing, nutritious meals at the speed of light with this new InfraWave Oven. Cooks up to 50% faster with no pre-heating. It uses infrared radiation to cook the food, allowing for faster cooking times more similar to microwaves than ovens. It has a capacity of 0.7 cu. ft, a digital touch pad, a digital display and a slide out crumb tray. The especially unique aspects of the InfraWave are its ability to ‘know’ how to cook your food based on the settings you choose. It’s energy efficient and toasts on the outside like an oven at the speed of a microwave. Ability to cook from frozen without the inconvenience of having to thaw. Amazing cooking tool. Has 52 digital pre-settings for one-touch ease. Includes two trays, a slide rack and a handle to pull the trays out.

Black & Decker FC150BR InfraWave Speed-Cooking Countertop Oven, Black

5 Responses to “Black & Decker FC150BR InfraWave Speed-Cooking Countertop Oven, Black”

  • This is only the second item I have ordered from Amazon. Both have been train wrecks. My unit arrived quickly and seemed to be well packed. I believe I was sold a demo unit, even though I was told it was new. The instructional DVD was so badly scratched it wouldn’t play, The front glass of the oven was covered with a stick-on ad that would require at least an hour of labor and some pretty strong solvents to completely remove. The Door doesn’t completely close. There is one inch long scratch on the top/front of the unit. I might have ignored all of this except my unit won’t even make decent toast, oh it gets the bread very warm, but toast it is not. Yes, I did read the instruction manual, and I even followed the instructions. I’m Taking the much vaunted “speed toast” function set at level 7. Either I have a damaged unit, or this product is really over hyped or maybe a little of both.

    K’ I would like my money back Amazon. You pay the shipping. In fact, you can pick the unit up yourself and take it Fedex. I’m not wasting any more time or money.

    BTW, remember that Fugi III HVLP spray gun I ordered from you, ‘member? the one in which I paid for expedited shipping and it came 4 days late, and you apologized profusely and promised to reimburse me for the shipping? yeah… so anyway, it’s been months and months…
    Rating: 1 / 5

  • I broil artisan bread slices with olive oil on top and it takes barely more than 2 minutes with this bad boy! It is instantly super hot. No complaints from me…well worth the $$.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • We love the infraWave black and decker oven. It is a great product, and we feel we got a great price for it. Dorothy Byers
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • MP:

    Silly me. After reading all the functions of this product I really believed it would take the place of my microwave, toaster and indoor grill. Not…too bad I only have a B.A. and not an M.A. This product is not at all what it was touted. Very disappointed.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  • This oven provides another cooking option.Great for small jobs.

    The more you use it, the better you get at it. There are limitations

    but a useful item to have in your kitchen.
    Rating: 4 / 5

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