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How long is it ok to keep the baby in the room, while you’re having sex?

I am planning on keeping our soon to be born (next week) son in our room beside our bed for the first 6months, what about beyond that? At what age is it wrong to keep him in our room while were havig sex?

19 Responses to “How long is it ok to keep the baby in the room, while you’re having sex?”

  • Sheniquah Trois:

    Wut makes you think you’ll be havin sex after he’s born?

  • heather s:


  • Tyreece:

    after 9, you should probably get him his own room !!

  • wazzyrobin:

    when your child is old enough to ask “Is daddy hurting you” or your child trys what it sees on the neighbor kids……… got a brain use it …geez

  • michael m:

    your gonna have time for sex? lol, go for it.

  • gigglez:

    how could yo be comfortable having sex while he’s in the room? talk about issues

  • LilyRT:

    can’t you go to another room in the house? sex ain’t just for beds anymore.

    I don’t know about wrong, but I’d feel creeped out anytime the kid was awake and could sit up and watch. If he’s asleep, then I suppose it’s ok. but, you know you’re going to have that moment when you look over and he’s watching you. sure, he’s not going to remember it, but talk about a mood killer.

  • Marilyn:

    i’ve never done that, to me its not decent and i would never feel comfortable about it.

  • rie:

    I would keep the baby in your room for 6 weeks & no more.We don’t know what & how things get stored in a human brain.

  • Christopher:

    If you’re a moaner he’ll probably get up and walk out on his own before six months

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