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What is your favorite kitchen gadget, tool, or appliance?

And please explain why…

4 Responses to “What is your favorite kitchen gadget, tool, or appliance?”

  • Daft:

    The ice cream scooper that has the little curved metal piece in the middle so it comes off easier. I like it because 1: it makes ice cream round. 2: it serves ice cream. and i mean, what’s not to love? ice cream?!?! 3: it’s just cool.

  • CountryLady:

    The most indispensable to me is my refrigerator! We mostly take refrigeration for granted these days. Just think how different our eating habits would have to be if we didn’t have refrigerators to keep meats, dairy, eggs and veggies fresh!

  • Red Ant:

    I love the washing machine.

  • SeekingApproval:

    the mellon baller…for obvious reasons

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