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What’s the worst you’ve ever injured yourself with a kitchen gadget?

I sliced the top of my thumb off with a potato peeler when I was in high school. It was hanging by a thread. I wanted to go to the hospital but my stepdad told me it’d be fine and threw a bandaid on top of it. My mom came home and screamed.

Needless to say, I don’t peel potatoes anymore. That is now my husband’s job.

7 Responses to “What’s the worst you’ve ever injured yourself with a kitchen gadget?”

  • Nina Lee:

    OMG, ouch!!!! I don’t mind peeling potatoes but every time I try to grate them for hash browns I lose some skin.

    I did the same thing to my left, middle finger. I don’t remember how it happened but remember it was with a brand new Cutco knife. I had to have stitches & thought it would never stop bleeding. That was about 8 years ago.

  • rain_of_flaming_deth:

    You know that fleshy mass between the thumb and index finger? Well, I took a knife through (and I do mean THROUGH) while doing the dishes. not cool.

  • Jessi:

    I have a 1 inch scar on my thumb…from peeling potatoes with a knife. According to my grandmother I was holding the potato wrong.

    I was working in a grocery store deli cleaning the chicken fryer. The drain hole in the bottom had become plugged and all they had was this wire thing. I was trying to find the hole, and “fell” in…getting 2nd degree oil burns on my right hand.

  • sadie_oyes:

    When I was a teen my elderly wheelchair bound neighbor asked if I would help her do her laundry. She had an old fashion wringer washer in the kitchen, as I was feeding the clothes in, I got my hand caught in the rollers, I tried and tried to pull it out, it kept on rolling, it was past my wrist, I was screaming, I thought my arm was going to pop, finally Barbara hit the emergency release.
    My mom took me to the emergency room, unbelievable nothing was broken, had to keep a cold compress on it, the bruise turned black, it was sore for a long time.

  • Stacey:

    I (very stupidly) used a butter knife as a screwdriver… I was assembling a guard rail for my son’s bed. The knife slipped and sliced the inside of my index finger from the knuckle (the one closest to the fingertip) to the tip. It was hanging by a thread, and bleeding like crazy.

    Got 5 stitches. To this day, I have no feeling on that fingertip.

  • papamoe:

    Dropped a knife an stuck it in the top of my foot.Look like a water fountain.

  • But Scratchuh, the STD bear, Jr:

    rolling pin + bottle of tequila + bottle of wesson + romantic dry spell

    you do the math

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