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unusual kitchen gadgets?

anything odd or out of the ordinary/funny for a birthday present?

2 Responses to “unusual kitchen gadgets?”

  • TX2step:

    Go to a store like Kitchen Collection and browse around. There’s a line of timers, vegetable peelers, vegetable brushes that have resin eggs or veggies on them and are really cute. They also have stretchy bands that go around beer cans/bottles, in different colors with different sayings, so that you know whose can is whose at a party (same idea as wine charms) … Silicone baking pans … a fun bundt cake pan from Nordicware (lots of great shapes, including a football stadium)

  • msjantastic:

    How about an empty box? Or maybe a large box filled with toilet paper? Everyone uses the stuff but sure it would not be expected as a gift.

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