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I have more kitchen utensils than will fit in my kitchen drawers! Suggestions?

I love to cook, and I use all the kitchen utensils I have. But my kitchen drawers are getting to a point where I can’t find what I need because there’s so much stuff in there. Is there a way I can arrange my kitchen better?

5 Responses to “I have more kitchen utensils than will fit in my kitchen drawers! Suggestions?”

  • icarus62:

    Utensil jar.

  • Norman W:

    I have a wooden box that my nephews painted that sets by my stove. I keep all of my frequently used utensils in it.

  • pissy_old_lady:

    I used to keep my daily used utensils in an antique jar on my counter…then went through all my utensils and tossed all the ones I really did not use or need and rid my drawer of all the doubles too. Now everything fits neatly in my drawer and I have a clutter free counter.

  • Allergic To Eggs:

    you can store some in the dishwasher. they will get cleaned over and over but will always be accessible to you there and out of sight out of mind

  • claitair:

    If you really do use them all then you could get one of those circular wooden things with hooks that you hang from the ceiling above the cooking area. You just hang your utensils on there and take them down when you want them. Otherwise, sort them out into some kind of order (pasta utensils; frying utensils; wooden spoons etc) and get some new utensil storage jars to keep on the worktop.

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