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Polder 2109 Gourmet Add’N’Weigh Scale, 5-Pound

  • 5-pound/2.2-kilogram deluxe chrome gourmet Add’N’Weigh scale
  • Detachable, dishwasher-safe bowl
  • Chrome
  • 5-pound maximum
  • No batteries needed

Product Description
Why waste time putting stuff in and taking stuff out of the bowl when you can just as easily add ingredients consecutively and use the add ‘n’ weigh feature to measure correctly? This scale is a pleasure to use, a pleasure to look at and if you don’t always want to look at it, its bowl can be inverted for space-saving Review
People who prepare foods in their home kitchen usually need a scale to aid them in following recipes, but no one wants another large appliance that clutters the work area, or costs them too much. Enter the Polder Add ‘n’ Weigh Scale, which offers function at minimal cost. The scale weighs in 1-ounce increments and measures up to 5 pounds, and ingredients can be weighed consecutively without removing them from the bowl–ideal for basic cooking and kitchen needs. The clear, detachable, and dishwasher-safe bowl makes cleanup easy, plus the scale has a chrome finish and needs no batteries. –David Drury

Polder 2109 Gourmet Add’N’Weigh Scale, 5-Pound

5 Responses to “Polder 2109 Gourmet Add’N’Weigh Scale, 5-Pound”

  • I am not sure what to click on, but why the price change? The food scale that I clicked on said $15.00. But before I clicked on checkout, the price had gone up to $19.74. Needless to say, I didn’t buy it.

    This is for the Polder food scale, 2109-05.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  • It is easy to clean.

    it’s so helpful for my dream in kitch
    Rating: 1 / 5

  • I originally bought this scale to weigh by guinea pig periodically but my guinea pig is too big for this scale now.

    Vets recommend that you keep track of your guinea pig’s weight to maintain good health.

    So do not buy this if you trying to weigh a guinea pig because he/she will feel uncomfortable.

    Now back to reviewing this product:


    1. It’s easy to set up.

    2. Small and discreet.

    3. Weighing bowl is plastic, will not break, and is removable.

    4. You can probably use the bowl for other things if you find this scale to be not in use.

    5. When the scale is not in use, you can turn the bowl over and place it over the base so putting it away does not waste so much space and it is not in an awkward shape to put it away.


    1. The numbers are small to read.

    2. Cannot go pass 5 pounds.

    3. Don’t buy this if you going to weigh a guinea pig, maybe a gerbil or hamster but not guinea pigs.

    Vets recommend that you keep track of your guinea pig’s weight to maintain good health.

    Overall, THE SCALE DOES ITS JOB for weighing small items.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  • add’n’ weigh dworks great does just i want to
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • It is a GOURMET SCALE………. Why would you review it for

    an animal? ?? IT works great when used as it is supposed to be used. NOT FOR ANIMALS but food products.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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