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how do you clean the outside of french white bakeware?

Corning french white bakeware is amazing. The inside cleans up really easy but the outside looks dirty. I have tried comet.soap pads and nothing works.

3 Responses to “how do you clean the outside of french white bakeware?”

  • kjh:

    have you tried a bleach soak?

  • Ezweb:

    write an email at this company they may be able to help you they specialize in bakeware equipment.

  • Robin C:

    Ok, it sounds crazy, but ketchup will work. Scrub down the outside with a paste of baking soda and water. Rinse, dry and cover any remaining stains with ketchup and let sit. Then scrub and rinse.

    The ketchup is a great nontoxic way to clean and shine copper pans as well.

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