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How do I get hard water stains out of my enamel-ware bakeware/roaster?

I have a G.E. Roaster that I have also used for cooking and boiling (it’s the kind that is dual purpose). I boiled some water in it the other day and now there are rings of hard water in it that a scouring pad and/or Bar Keeper’s Friend will not clean off of it. Any suggestions? Will oven cleaner harm the enamelware or should I try something else? TIA!

2 Responses to “How do I get hard water stains out of my enamel-ware bakeware/roaster?”

  • me:

    Vinegar – straight the white distilled kind. You can make a paste of it and baking soda and let it sit till dry it will come right off. The barkeepers friend should work in a paste too.

  • Paul:

    Fill the containers with white vinegar and let stand overnight. If this does not do it, try another night. You can also soak your sink spray nozzle in a glass of the same vinegar to solve the same type problem.

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