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Using ammonia in cleaning kitchen utensils?

I used to work in a restaurant in Holland, and the chef often use ammonia to clean the kitchen. I can see that it is an instant solution, yet wonder if it is actually safe. I am not sure whether or not he also use it to clean the kitchen utensils and the pan. So, is it actually safe to use ammonia to clean the kitchen utensils and the pan? And if it is not, what would you do with the utensils that have been contaminated with ammonia – besides throwing it in a bin. Many thanks.

One Response to “Using ammonia in cleaning kitchen utensils?”

  • marvin A:

    we dont use amonia to clean in resturaunts here because amonia gas can get absorbed into food stuffs.
    Its a good safe cleaner but we keep it out of the fridges and anywhere food is actually being prepared. A better solution is to use straight vinegar.

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