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What is the best way to organize a kitchen?

I have a small kitchen and it seems like all my little kitchen gadgets (measuring cups,cookie cutters etc.) are everywhere. The drawers won’t close or they won’t open. Any suggestions about organizing my kitchen are welcome.

5 Responses to “What is the best way to organize a kitchen?”

  • mytruecolorschik:

    Plan it out and then go in since you have a small kitchen you should get rid of all of the things that you dont need keep only what you cant do with out and then make a place for everything

  • jas2123:

    throw away all the things taht you dont need…i dont think you need all that gadget unless you do cook all the time…if not you can store them away somewhere else….

  • t_faj:

    Just get a copy of argos or JC Penny and see thier kitchen hardware section.

    If you’d pay me 100 quid, I’d also help you plan your kitchen (LOL)

  • PeacebyTeaching:

    Make a list of the different things that you do in your kitchen.
    Under each item write what you need to do that.
    Wash Dishes

    Dish clothes

    Cook Food

    Spoons, Spatulas

    Then look at each item and see how many that you have. if you have a small amount of spoons, spatulas and knives you may be able to put them into a vase next to your stove, or one of those organizers that hang on the wall.

    Set up each area with everything that you are going to use in that area.
    Kind of like a kindergarten class room.
    Having stations for each thing you do.
    I did this and there is a big difference in the efficiency of my very very small kitchen.
    Hope this helps.

  • Eve:

    Why not have a look at HGTV website and join me in doing their 6 week organization challenge? They have video to show you how they do a kitchen and it looks pretty fun.

    I’m motivated!,,HGTV_22056_41470,00.html

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