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why is my husband treating me like a baby?

im 2 months pregnant. my husband read somewhere the first trimester is the most important one, and hes been treating me like a kid ever since. doesnt let me get up from bed to even get a glass of water for myself! i wasnt feeling too well a few days back and he called my parents to stay come stay with us for a week. hes treating me like a baby:( is he worried abt me or the baby?

8 Responses to “why is my husband treating me like a baby?”

  • .:

    He cares about both. Why are you complaining? Some man don’t even care if pregnant or not they will not help. Be grateful.

  • i_ate_sponge_bob:

    Sounds like he’s worried about you and the baby.

    Tell him you are getting stressed out by him treating you this way which is not good for the baby.

  • yesi:

    i say he is worried about you both….just enjoy being pregnant and that attention you recieve because after you have the baby it wont be the same at all…

  • Toe-Tino's Pizza Rolls:

    Both. If it’s his first kid, then he is just being extra cautious. As long as he doesn’t get too carried away then just humor him and take advantage of the extra help.

  • WhiteChocolate:

    It is important that you take care of yourself, BUT it is also important that you continue your daily routine the best that you can. Laying in bed and being waited on is not doing you or the baby any good if there is nothing wrong with you otherwise.

  • grandma:

    ENJOY! He is loving taking care of you so don’t spoil it for him. He appreciates and loves you very much.

  • rock of ages:

    Probably worried about you both. Best be glad you have a man that cares that much. I guess that’s what loves does to you.

  • Alpha:

    Women…when you’re being a Tiny bit selfish or just doing something on your own, they flip and call you mean and not caring..etc..

    when you’re being super nice and caring, you’re treating her like a baby, and she kinda feels you are boring and unexciting…

    I think the solution is two words…Escort Service!

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