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Bathroom Accessories?

I’m having trouble finding things that match the color of my bathroom, I just moved and don’t know what colors would match

The bathroom is a beige color so I was wondering what colors woud be good for the rugs and curtain, etc..

Thank you everyone!!

2 Responses to “Bathroom Accessories?”

  • KcB:

    dark brown or even a darkish red!! my bathroom is beige and I have it with dark brown is totally adorable!

  • eienmomo:

    a minty green would give the bathroom a spa-like feel to it.

    with beige, anything goes. just think of the colors you like and the look you’re going for. darker colors, like burgandy or dark brown will give it more of a majestic appearance, where lighter colors, mint green, pale blue will give it a more beachy appearance. good luck!

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