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how many barstools can put at a 6 foot bar/island?

I am curious to know how many bar stools I can fit… how much space should I allow per stool?

4 Responses to “how many barstools can put at a 6 foot bar/island?”

  • maccrew6:

    Each person is going to need about 18 inches to 2 feet of counter space, so I’d say no more than 3 stools… maybe 4 if they’re small..

  • blueeyes:

    4 barstools comfortably on one side on the bar. Allow a foot and a half for each.

  • chito:

    barstool— 2ft.—barstool—2ft — barstool

  • fire:

    Great question! Ideally you should allow 24″ per stool for a typical sized stool (measuring 19″-22″at the widest part). Sometimes A general design rule is to keep odd numbers when you can… 3, 5 etc for aesthetic reasons. If you have a need for 4 stools (i.e. 4 children) and your bar is not against a wall, then you can get away with the 4 stools. check out the source website for custom high quality stools at great prices.

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