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What colors should I paint my walls? I have the Calvin Klein bamboo bedding collection.?

I live in a very small apartment and need to repaint my walls. What colors will match nice with my bedding, and flow through the hallway and kitchen yet not make the place look small. I want the ceiling, trim, windows, and doors painted white.

7 Responses to “What colors should I paint my walls? I have the Calvin Klein bamboo bedding collection.?”

  • soapintrucker:

    “Hunter Green” or “Forest Green” :)

  • me.:

    hmm..a nice creamy green, or a beautiful creamy lavender-ish.

  • freespirit:

    I think a nice Sage Green with white trim would look nice with the Bamboo bedding.

  • Ever Wolf:

    Color is such a personal choice, and there won’t truly be any right or wrong answers here. The good news is that you can always repaint, and change bedding.

    For now pick a color in the bedding that you enjoy anyway, match it and paint that. Certainly it may not look good to you to paint a predominant color in the bedding,,,IE: Olive green, but it’s not Rocket Science.

    After applying thousands of gallons of paint, I’ve learned one thing. The customer is always right,,,even when they aren’t.

    I suggest getting a color chip booklet, about $25. In it, look for the colors that most closely match those in the bedding. BTW you need not have mentioned the designer. It makes very little difference.

    Then buy small cans, 1/2 pint perhaps? Of the bedding colors, paint a small patch of those, live with them for awhile, and decide what feels best to you.

    Choice of color is like a choice of political party, or a religion…Only you can know what FITS you.

    Rev. Steven

  • mistiaya:

    This is what I do to pick out colors….

    Go to the paint store or the home improvement store and pick up LOTS of paint swatches…don’t EVER trust your memory. And don’t bring a pillow sham or something to the store…they have horrible lighting….you want to see the color in the lighting of the room it’s going to be in. Then match or coordinate the color to a color in the bedding and go back to the store with the swatch and have them color match it with whatever line of paint you want. This is important…because you may have picked a color from the cheap paints color swatches so make sure you ask them what their quality levels of paint are and tell them which one you want.

    I think it would look nice with the lighter leaf color…the shadowy whispy looking leaf color as the wall color. You will probably want to go lighter on the walls than the purpley color of the bedspread…..or much darker. A lighter wall will give a more airy calm feel…and a darker color will give a more strong dominant feel. For me that bedding is so beautiful that I wouldn’t want it to be drowned out by a dark wall color. I also think that lighter leaf color would be a nice neutral for the hallway and kitchen….a blank canvas….and not make it look too small….darker colors tend to close off a room…while lighter colors open up a room.

    I hope that was helpful.

    Don’t ever feel like you’re walking out of the store with too many paint swatches…i walked out with a stack about 4 inches tall one time when picking colors for my son’s room….that’s what they’re there for…to take.

    I would love to see pictures when you’re done!!

    Also, don’t forget to decide which sheen you want….they go from flat to glossy….I usually get satin…because it’s not flat but it’s not super glossy and it reflects a little bit of light…which gives the wall color a little more depth. It’s also fairly easy to wash. In the kitchen I would use semi-gloss so that if you splatter on the walls you can wash it off easily without the paint coming off the walls.

  • PatV:

    You are only one stain away from changing your bedding.

    Can you tell – been there, done that??

    I recommend a light color that flows well from bedroom to kitchen. Anything darker than a tan or wheat will require alot of decorating around it or it will just look blank. Light colored walls and good lighting will improve your small space, as will organized design versus eclectric clutter.

    Whatever color you go with, remember it never comes out just like the color card.

  • shortansassy:

    Taupe goods great with white trim and bamboo.

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