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Is my mum jealous of my relationship with my baby?

My mum is angry with me because I’ve been putting my baby before everyone, she is only 8 months old. When my mum calls I sometimes have to go to feed, change or put the baby to bed, and my mum gets angry with me an says I am selfish and don’t give her an inch. It feels right for me to put my babies needs first, do you think my mum may be jealous of my baby?

5 Responses to “Is my mum jealous of my relationship with my baby?”

  • Abby S:

    Yeah, it does sound like she is jealous. You need to tell her that you can’t just not feed your baby because your mom wants to chat on the phone. Tell her to be realistic. That you love her but you have other responsibilities that must come first. Ask her what she did with you when her mother would call? Did she just ignore you and let you cry yourself to sleep with a wet diaper and an empty belly?

  • Brian F:

    Yes she is jealous, but thats normal. She is facing the fact that her daughter is grown up, and she is getting older. She may not like the fact that she is a grandmother. You can try to do things together with the 3 of you so she forms more of a bond with your daughter. If thats not possible then you’ll have to stand up to her, and explain to her exactly how she is acting, and needs to change.

  • me33a:

    Er.. I don’t mean to be rude but it sounds like your mum has to grow up. Your child is only 8 months old!! What does she expect? That your baby will feed, clean and look after her/himself?? At this time, it is crucial to bond with your baby. There shouldn’t be an issue of putting the baby first coz the baby should be a top priority. I think you need to talk to your mum about why she’s acting like this.

  • debie:

    it depends on the way and manner you tell her,you can give yourself sometime to talk to her.if you don’t return her calls that is when she will complain.i don’t if she were jealous of anything of yours she will take care of you to let you grow to see your own kids.give her some respect okay cos maybe that was what she also did when she had you.

  • A Nonny Mouse:

    baby comes first before anyone else….that wee one is totally helpless and relying on you completely for survival both physically, mentally, and emotionally so I’d say your Mother needs to get her priorities straight…you don’t ’cause you already have your head screwed on straight…..ask her what’s more important….caring for a helpless infant or a yak session that can be continued once the babies needs are met….sheesh….did she put others before you when you were that tiny? Keep on doing for your daughter and let Mother’s jealousy be HER problem. Good Luck.

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