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What order should the cutlery drawer follow?

Mine drawer is [forks, spoons, knives] but the pub I work at has a constantly changing order. I need to know the correct way so I can assist others in finding their cutlery faster!

5 Responses to “What order should the cutlery drawer follow?”

  • Kat:

    Knives, forks, spoons and teaspoons in the little bit at the front. Actually, that’s just the way that suits me. Maybe you should put it the way that cutlery is put on the table – forks, knives spoons?

  • suequek:

    I believe it is what ever works for you. Not something that is set in stone.

  • rose bud:

    i learned as a kid the fork,spoons,knives are the right way.

  • progrockgal:

    It should follow the pattern of the cutlery around the plate. Depending on how extensive your set is, it usually goes:

    Shrimp fork
    Salad Fork
    Entree Fork
    Entree Knife
    Butter knife
    Entree Spoon
    Soup spoon
    Sherbet spoon

    Over, but under the water and tea glasses, the plate should the appetizer fork be placed, horizontally. Sometimes the shrimp fork is placed under this, if there is a sherbet spoon. All serving spoons and forks should be placed in a drawer under the silverware, in (hopefully) special felt bags, and sharp steak knives stored separately from carving knives, are stored under as well. A butter spoon and knife may be stored on top with the silverware, but aside (or often in a space on top).

    Hope this helps.

  • Dr. Biker:

    arrange them in order of frequency of use

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