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SoHo Designs Deep Sea Aquarium Baby Crib Nursery Bedding Set, 10 Piece

  • 10 Piece Set Includes:(1)Crib Quilt ,(1)Crib Bumper
  • (1)Fitted Sheet,(1)Crib Skirt (Dust Ruffle),(1)Diaper Stacker
  • (2)of Window Valances ,(1)Toy Bag ,(1)Baby Pillow
  • (1)Baby Bib. This set is make of 100% Cotton.
  • This set fits all Baby cribs and Toddler Bed!

Product Description
This Set Fits all Toddler Beds and Cribs (Single or Convertible) (USA, UK, AU, Etc..) The Set includes following 10 pieces:

* Hand Embroidery Crib Quilt
* Hand Embroidery Crib Bumper
* Fitted Sheet
* Crib Skirt (Dust Ruffle)
* 2 pieces of Window Valances
* Diaper Stacker
* Toy Bag
* Baby Pillow
* Baby Bib

SoHo Designs Deep Sea Aquarium Baby Crib Nursery Bedding Set, 10 Piece

5 Responses to “SoHo Designs Deep Sea Aquarium Baby Crib Nursery Bedding Set, 10 Piece”

  • i do like the bedding a lot, but was very disappointed by the seler.

    The picture had the bed side lamp as well as the musical mobile, which were not included in the 10 pics sent! and when i gave my feedback, rather than being accomodating the seller was VERY RUDE!! AND INAPPROPRIATE!!

    Rating: 2 / 5

  • The set is at a fantastic price and was shipped very quickly. However, the set is very very green (lime green in fact) so if you go into this thinking that you are getting mostly blue, forget about it. The bumper has the cute design on the front but then is lime green on the backside and how mad was I when I realized that it doesn’t fit all the way around the crib! I ended up being short by like 3 inches. The company does not correct the issue nor do they except returns after 3 days so you either have to deal with it or don’t purchase it. The set is not really the quality that it depicts in the pictures but for something that a baby is going to mess all over, it’s washable and worth the money.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  • The bedding set is very cute. However, the material is very thin and seems cheaply manufactured. And more importantly the bumper does not fit around the crib!! There is about a 6 inch gap from where the bumper ends should meet. I had to purchase another bumper to install behind this bumper. (This might explain why the set is so inexpensive).
    Rating: 3 / 5

  • I had Order the Soho Designs Deep Sea Aquarim Baby Crib Nursery Bedding and it was just beautiful and it came in such a timely matter
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • While the item that my Mother ordered for me where quickly received it was the wrong pattern by accident. They require a 3 day return. The day I received the item I noticed there was no packing slip.(very unprofessional!) I contacted the company by the phone number I found on the UPS label. I was told the return shipping was to be paid for by me even though I was returning the unwanted item with in the 3 day time frame and that there would be a 15% restocking fee. I was told very plainly that they charge exactly what UPS charges to ship. They charged my mother $15 while I paid $6 to return it the very next day. This is not a reputable company to deal with.
    Rating: 1 / 5

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