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The Evolution Of Cutlery And Tableware

Cutlery refers to any type of utensil that is used for serving, preparing and eating food. Cutlery was traditionally used by the western world. Many times people will refer to knives or other cutting tools as cutlery though cutlery also include forks and spoons. There are even hybrid pieces of cutlery like the knork, spork and spife.

Cutlery was traditionally created all over the world though much of the industry became concentrated in Birmingham and Sheffield in England. Birmingham focused on creating swords that went by the name of long cutlers and Sheffield specialized in knifes. These knives were first forged from silver but as technology evolved stainless steel began to be used for cutlery.

The knife was the first piece of cutlery used as it was first used mainly for hunting and then traveled into the kitchen. The knife was the only main piece of cutlery until the 14th century when the fork became popular and was used for dining. Cutlery was traditionally made by craftsman, Henckels, being a famous German company. Today the very well known silver cutlery is considered very dear and is on the level of porcelain and crystal glass.

Many times people feel the need to purchase large cutlery sets that may contain every type of serving piece, fork and cutting knives that are available. However you need to be aware of what you will use. Most households only actually use a basic tableware set and a chef’s knife, slicing knife, paring knife and a bread knife.

There are also different functions for the different cutlery pieces. On a very formal table with many courses you will find 3 different types of forks, several spoons and a knife. Each of these pieces has a use and if you are only serving one course then you do not need the full set of cutlery. Very good quality cutlery tends to be made of silver but these can require special cleaning and polishing.

Using a comparison online is a great way to find the best price for cutlery. Not only can you compare prices between store and you can also read peoples comments. There are some great deals to be found online but you need to make sure you are buying from a reputable seller. There are sites that can provide you with important cutlery information if necessary. Many times people will need some help knowing which knives are used for certain jobs and cooking websites can be a great help. They can also recommend specific brands.

While most cutlery is either made of stainless steel or silver the handles can be made of many other types of material such as mother of pearl, bone, tortoise-shell, horn, ivory or silver. These handles tend to be decorative in nature and can even be carved.

Generally every day cutlery tends to be made of stainless steel while special occasion cutlery is made of silver. Stainless steel cutlery today is made using molds but when cutlery was first made one person would take that serving piece from start to finish.

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