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Get a Return on Your Baby Clothing Investment

Babies grow so quickly and their clothes tend to accumulate and cause clutter.  Don’t get rid of outgrown baby clothing though, there are many ways to get years of use out of them.

In the first year of a baby’s life, the rate at which they grow seems to be expedited. Parents often find that they are shopping for new outfits every few months, unless they have purposely bought clothes that are a size bigger for their child.  However, even the baby clothing that has been worn in that first year are still in usable condition because they are often not worn out at all.  You can make good use of these baby clothes instead of feeling the frustration of not knowing what to do with the baby clothing that has suddenly accumulated and has taken up much too much space.

If you hope to have more than one baby, than by all means, keep outgrown baby clothing in storage! Keeping clothes for younger siblings is a sure-fire way to save money. An expanding family means an expanding budget.  This works especially well with baby clothing because most baby clothing consists of all in ones, sleepers, undershirts and booties or socks.

To store them properly, keep your baby’s clothes in zip-lock bags and label them according to their age groups. You may specify the appropriate seasons for wearing them too, if you are living in an area that experiences the four seasons. By storing the baby clothing in this fashion, you can be assured the clothes will remain clean and in order for easy access when the next baby comes along. Place the zip lock bags into a plastic box and label that box too, just for easy reference.

If you do not plan to have more children, lend or give the baby clothing away to family or friends. This is greatly appreciated by siblings, close relatives, friends or colleagues who find themselves needing to buy baby clothing.  You can help alleviate their financial burden!  Always make sure you ask if they would like hand-me-downs. Most parents love receiving them but there are those who are particular about buying new baby clothing for their own babies.

If you do not know anyone who needs baby clothing, donate what you have to charity.  Unfortunately, the orphan population is growing exponentially around the world. An easy way to find out where to take the baby clothing is to run a Google search for orphanages and adoption agencies. Donating to the nearby orphanage or shelter for single mothers is a wonderful act of charity.

If you have the time and you can sell them as second hand clothes. This is a good way to earn some return on the beautiful baby clothing you purchased for your growing child. You can opt to sell clothes online through eBay or other second hand exchange sites. You can even set up your own personal site and manage your second hand store from your own home.  If you don’t have time to sell clothes online, check your area for second hand stores. Selling them to these types of stores is also a possibility.

Author Kim Green is a frugal shopper and knows how to get the most use from the baby clothing that is bought.

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