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Kitchen Knives – Helping you choose – Forged or Stamped?

When choosing a knife there are so many different elements that need to be taken into consideration. Whether they are fully forged or stamped is one of those. Below is a brief description of the differences between forged and stamped knives, with a good rule of thumb being that the fully forged knives will most likely be more expensive.


Forged Knives


It is generally considered forged knives are the highest quality knives on the market. They take great craftsmanship as the process involves extreme heat and hand moulding to create the finished article. The blade, tang and bolster are one piece of steel and are hammered into knife’s shape, with the handle being either riveted or welded onto the metal. Following the process of heating and cooling, the forged blade is ground to create a full taper to the cutting edge. They are popular with chefs for being better balanced, and for the extra flexibility and durability they offer. Knife manufacturers who knives are forged:


Zwilling JA Henckels

V. Sabatier

Stellar Sabatier



Stamped knives are lighter, more flexible and easier to sharpen but not as balanced or as strong as forged ones, but can still be of good quality. The name comes from the process where a sheet of metal is stamped out with templated cutters, and this process enables them to be less expensive than forged knives. The steel sheets are then cut into the shape of a blade. Stamped knives are either hollow ground or edged, with the hollow ground being the longer lasting of the two knife types as they will retain their edge for longer. While these knives are easy to sharpen they generally do not hold their edge for as long as forged knives. Knife manufacturers who knives are forged:


Stellar James Martin

Sheffield Richardson forme

Sheffield Richardson Entertain

Sheffield Richardson Fusion


This is just one factor in the differences in kitchen knives. As said earlier, fully forged knives tend to be more expensive and at the premium end of the knife range, as the process is also a longer one and follows the more traditional knife manufacturing process. However, as technology has improved and different blade materials have come about and tested there are many kitchen knives which are stamped and of a very good quality, whose edge will last and  will be with you for many years.


James is a keen chef who works on the the award winning online cookshop, With his love of cooking he has investigated the different types of cookware available today.

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