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Barstools or counterstools? What is the difference?

Are barstools taller than counterstools? I am looking to buy some stools for the breakfast bar in our new kitchen. Would those be considered counterstools?

4 Responses to “Barstools or counterstools? What is the difference?”

  • tessa_rea:

    Yes, counter stools are shorter, made to the height the counter in your kitchen, for instance

  • woodtick314:

    Barstools GENERALLY are 30″ tall, to fit a 42″ bar. Counterstools are 24″ tall to work with a 36″ breakfast bar. Hope this helps.

  • dawnb:

    The difference is height. Counter stools are 24 inches high, bar are 30. If you have an island, it would most likely be counter height, but some are built higher in one area which could then be bar height. Measure you area and you find the correct stool height for your space. I would hazard a guess and say you are looking for counter size (24 in.)

  • yellowcabbie:

    You may also want to check out

    Good luck!

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