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What is Special About a Granton Edge Santoku Knife?

The Granton Edge Santoku Knife is a big seller over at CooksPlus, one of the internet’s major retailers of cookware and all types of kitchenware. Check them out online at to see this item and much more in their wide assortment of cutlery items.

The word Santoku is Japanese in origin, and can be translated as ‘three uses’. This is a suitable name, since this knife’s special design allows it to perform three very different tasks – dicing, mincing and slicing. So it’s really an all in one workhorse in the kitchen, and a tool that makes life easier for any cook – from the home maker to the professional chef.

Traditional western chef’s knives lack the thinner flat-ground blade that the Japanese Santoku knife possesses. The Santoku Knife is composed of harder tempered steel than traditional chef’s knives. In fact, tests show that the Santoku Knife can exceed the specifications of high quality chef knives by as much as 58 – 62 HRC or even more. That’s a big difference, and a good reason why people are so excited about this knife. You get quality and versatility all rolled into one. And that’s what is all about. When you browse through the website you really get a sense of the very best that’s out there in cookware, bakeware, kitchen appliances, and all types of kitchenware. All the best brands and high quality products at great rates, and a really good shopping experience await you at CooksPlus.

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