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Calphalon Cookware: A Great Bridal Shower And Wedding Gift Idea

Calphalon is a brand name registered to the Newell Rubbermaid Corporation. Newell Rubbermaid is a global, publicly traded company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Product lines include items for offices, cleaning and organization, tools and home. Calphalon is part of the home and family line.

According to the Newell Rubbermaid 2007 analysts’ presentation, Calphalon products are in 6.5 million US homes, with women ages 25- 54 being the primary user group. One particular target market is the bridal segment – females ages 24-48 compiling a bridal shower wish list.

Calphalon Cookware is made of a specially treated aluminum called hard-anodized aluminum. At the end of this special treatment, the aluminum becomes much harder then stainless steel and becomes sealed to make it safe for humans to cook with. The process includes dipping the aluminum first in a freezing cold electrolyte (acid) bath then running substantial amounts of electricity through the cookware.

Benefits of using Calphalon

Due to the special hard-anodized treatment, the cookware becomes extremely resistant to scratches, rust, corrosion, or chipping. Calphalon has been proven to be extremely durable, with a long life span. Not only does this cookware last a long time, but it can tolerate very high heats while spreading the heat evenly throughout the cooking surface.

Calphalon Cookware is ultra smooth and is resistant to chipping, which means that there are no places for bacteria or germs to get trapped. Unlike other cookware, it is fine to cook acidic foods in Calphalon because the acids do not penetrate into the aluminum itself. However, repeated cooking of acidic foods in the cookware could cause a reverse ionization process, which will cause the cookware to turn silver.

If food does start to stick, it is best to ensure the cookware is kept clean and pre-heat each time the cookware is used. Many times food will stick because of oil residue left in the pan. Proper cleaning and proper care can go a long way to ensuring that the cookware has a very long useful life.

One immense benefit is that Calphalon Cookware can be placed into the oven with an oven temperature of no greater than 450.

To clean

According to testimonials, it is best to hand wash Calphalon Cookware with soap and water. A nylon scouring pad or scouring powder like Comet can also be used if needed. Cleaners such as bleach, oven cleaner, household detergents and automatic dishwasher detergents can ruin the surface.

To use

Calphalon Cookware does not need to be pre-seasoned prior to use. Once washed in soap and water, it is ready to use. It is important that once used, food is not stored in the pans, the cookware is allowed to return to room temperature then cleaned and stored.

When cooking with Calphalon, because of the specially treated surface and efficient, even heat distribution; it is highly recommended to keep the heat lower than what would normally be used.

Consumer’s Ratings

Consumer’s ratings are mostly very positive. The biggest negatives associated with Calphalon® Cookware are the high cost and heavy weight. However, even those consumers with negative opinions are still likely to rate this particular cookware on the positive end of the scale for overall satisfaction.

Where to purchase

Some of the larger retail outlets that sell Calphalon products include Bed, Bath and Beyond, Williams-Sonoma, Linens-n-things and

Still looking for the perfect cookware? Try visiting a website that specializes in providing cookware advice, tips and resources to included information on Calphalon cookware.

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